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Casco Bay Plan (CCMP)
Casco Bay Plan 2006 Update

Casco Bay Plan -- Introduction

In 1990, Casco Bay was designated an "estuary of national significance" under the US EPA's National Estuary Program, established in 1987 to protect nationally significant estuaries threatened by pollution, development or overuse.  As a result of this designation, the Casco Bay Estuary Partnership (CBEP) was formed and charged with initiating a Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan for Casco Bay, the Casco Bay Plan, completed in 1996.

The Casco Bay Plan was developed through an intensive local stakeholder process and set forth 33 recommended action items in five topic areas to guide CBEP's work.  These five topic areas are:

    Protecting and restoring fish and wildlife habitats;
    Decreasing pollution from stormwater and combined sewer overflows;
    Improving water quality  to restore and sustain open clam flats and protect swimming beaches;
    Reducing toxic pollution; and
    Promoting informed and responsible stewardship

Implementation of the Casco Bay Plan has resulted in a remarkable amount of progress toward restoration and protection of Casco Bay.  However, new priorities and threats to the Bay, such as marine invasive species and low impact development, have emerged since the original plan development.  To address these issues, CBEP updated the Casco Bay Plan in 2006, enabling CBEP to incorporate advances, in science and technology and to acknowledge changes in programs, political climates, regulatory frameworks, and partnerships.

Below are links to both the 1996 Casco Bay Plan and 2006 Casco Bay Plan Update as well as a link to the Casco Bay Environmetnal Monitoring Program and a summary of progress on implementation of the Plan(s).

1996 Casco Bay Plan

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